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Strength isn’t measured by what can be done. No strength is measured by having Faith in the midst of the unknown.

Angels of Fashion Foundation

Angels of Fashion is partnering with boutiques across America to host events to provide strength to those who need it more than ever. No one should have to go through trying times alone and we want to make sure we can create a community to build support for those who need some additional strength.

My story of Angels of Fashion was no coincidence, but even to a skeptic, can be seen as one designed by a higher power.

Over 15 years ago, I watched my best friend suffer through his own battle with cancer. Tests, scans, endless needles, hair loss, third degree burns, all “courtesy” of chemotherapy and radiation. Eleven years later, that same best friend was now my Husband and the cancer was back. This time in a much worse form and statistically, we were told it will, in fact, kill him within the year and we would never see our boys’ first birthday together. You see, this time, when it was discovered, our twins were but 6 days old, premature by a month and a half, and still in the NICU.

Even he will tell you, cancer is often worse on the loved ones than the cancer victim. Anyone who has been in my position knows how desperate you feel. Wanting to help, wanting to make it better, but being relegated to watch, pray and support with love.

My husband is a strong man, never complained and hid the struggle of cancer from those he loves. Yet, there was this one day, after a round of treatment, he spoke the words, “I don’t know how children can handle these things” and not another word.

AOF was born.

I knew what I must do, but how? Well, the “architect” knew exactly how … and now it was time to show me.

So, one day, (by “coincidence”?), in a children’s store, I met a young lady who was clearly in stress. She was the Mother of 3… just like me. Two of her children are twins … just like me. One of her precious loves of her life was battling cancer … just like me. Worse, it was actually 2 of her children going through cancer … and she had to find a way to balance being on two different floors of a cancer ward at the same time … all while trying to earn a living to support them..

My path was clear. Fortunately for me, I’m blessed with knowing and being friends with some of the most successful … and generous … people on the planet.  Together, we produce events designed to raise money to support families struggling with children and pediatric cancer.

I’ll leave the complete destruction of cancer to the scientists. In the meantime, the lives of the families who feel all they can do is watch one of their own suffer, WILL be made easier by me and my friends … my “Angels”.

I am Courtney Fernandez, Mother of three children, with one child who is 9 and proud Wife to my still best friend with whom we just celebrated the 4th birthday of our twins.

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