About Us

Strength isn’t measured by what can be done. No, strength is measured by having Faith in the midst of the unknown. Life asks for us to have strength, does it not? How many times have you had to dig deep and find a strength deep down that you had no idea was there to be able to get through something in your life? We’ve all been there, especially, those whom we support.

Angels of Fashion is partnering with boutiques across America to host events to provide strength to those who need it more than ever. No one should have to go through trying times alone and we want to make sure we can create a community to build support for those who need some additional strength. Our partners are of the same belief, and we ask those who also hold this belief to join hands with us and make sure everyone who needs it has an angel looking over their shoulder.

We’ve found that 1+1 is greater than 2. The powers of collective inspiration, followers who lead, selflessness, and a community of those who believe in creating more than they consume will lead to inspire angels across America to spread their wings and support those in need.

“I don’t know how he could endure it if it comes back. It’s so hard to watch what it can do to your own child, I just don’t know how we (the family) could handle it” says Mrs. Lacey Smith talking about her 5 year old son Liam, who won the battle against Leukemia one time already. Emma, Liam’s two-year-old sister, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, and is now battling it alongside her brother at Wolfson’s Children Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mrs. Lacey Smith’s quote was the spark that started the burning conflagration, now known as Angels of Fashion, to help families in need. We wanted to show Mrs. Smith how her family could handle going through this second bout with Leukemia by giving the family a second family of Angels who will be there for them until this fight is over.